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Ensuring Financial Security in Your Probate Process

Losing a loved one is an emotional hardship and working out the financial aspect, such as your loved one’s trust, may be the last thing on your mind. Our Napa probate attorneys have more than 30 years experience handling trust administration and probate cases and can help ease your load during this emotionally draining time.

If your loved one did not have trust, or owned assets that were not accounted for in the trust, we can help you with a probate that will resolve these issues. As your attorneys we can ensure that all the assets are properly transferred, the debt of the estate is paid and the beneficiaries notified.

The costs involved in the probate process can vary, but at our law firm we provide a fixed fee. We work hard to eliminate unnecessary work in the process and place the success of our clients’ cases ahead of financial profit.

Bay Area Trust Administration Lawyer

In the case of a deceased loved one having a trust, we can provide helpful guidance in the trust administration process. In the trust administration process, certain steps need to be taken in accordance with state law as well as changing the title into assets.

The trust administrator identifies all the assets that belong to the trust, any creditors and claims, and after the taxes are straightened out, the trust administrator contacts the beneficiaries and distributes the assets. In trust administration cases we focus on what needs to be done and what’s necessary for each case.

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If you are seeking legal advice or guidance for a living will, a probate, or a special needs trust contact our office today. You can reach an experienced lawyer toll free at 888-734-4209 or online.

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