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Providing Resolution of Assets

In most probate and trust administration cases a certain amount of negotiation will take place. Negotiation is more efficiently handled with the aid of legal representation to help protect against possible issues, such as lack of accounting or communication, or family members that may have hidden assets. In such situations we conduct a fact finding investigation. We try to find an agreeable solution to the problem rather than putting it into the hands of the court. With our deep knowledge of the law we have been successful at reaching a settlement based on common understanding and establishing points where both sides are able to reach their goals. Our Napa probate and trust litigation attorney has more than 30 years experience in guiding our clients in negotiations that result in the best possible solution.

California Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Disputes requiring litigation can occur in situations where the trustor or parent hasn’t left any instructions prior to death, leaving the beneficiaries to independently interpret and determine their rights or roles. After a parent dies, his or her child may still be living in the deceased parent’s property refusing to pay rent. The deceased parent’s trust may very well allow any beneficiary to reside on the property rent-free or at a reduced rent price, however this should be resolved with the help of proper representation. Our experienced lawyers have helped numerous beneficiaries understand their rights and managed their expectations in terms of the trust.

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If you have recently lost a loved one and have questions about trust litigation, probation or a will contest contact our office today. You can reach an experienced lawyer toll free at 888-734-4209 or online.

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